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Chairman's Message

Since our humble beginning in the early 1960s, Ali Alghanim & Sons has become a global trendsetter in Kuwait. Our conglomerate of businesses evolved with our beloved country, ever mindful of our society’s cherished values and principles. Our success is a result of our business philosophy, which acknowledges the importance of our partners, our clients, our employees, and our society.

By partnering with the most desirable automotive brands in the world, we maintain the cutting edge in Kuwait. We help our partners grow in our market, and they help us earn our clients’ trust and confidence, while also dazzling them with products both innovative and authentic. Of course, employees provide the backbone of our business. We empower them to fulfill their personal dreams and, in turn, they help us fulfill our corporate goals.

As business people, we believe in giving back to the society that has given us so much. Through the years there have been many changes in our business as a result of globalisation and technology. But one thing will never change: Our commitment to the people of Kuwait. That’s why we’re not just another conglomerate in Kuwait, but a family enterprise.

~ Ali Mohammed Thunyan Alghanim